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Is there an easy way to tell which firmware version is loaded prior to ssd install?


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I apologize if this question has been posed already but I can't seem to find it anywhere else. I just ordered a new P128 and expect it to arrive in the next few days. I understand that the latest firmware update was released in mid-December and that new SSDs in the P-series will already have this firmware version already loaded.


My question is:


Is there an easy way to tell what firmware version is loaded on the drive prior to any kind of install (i.e. product serial number on the box or drive, etc)?


Even though I ordered this drive after the firmware release date I am wondering if I will be shipped a product that has been sitting in inventory and thus is still loaded with the older firmware.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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The firmware is listed on the back of the drive (on the sticker), HOWEVER, when I got my two P128's the sticker was incorrect and the drives actually had the newest firmware that supports TRIM. If I was you, I'd build up a bootable USB drive and proceed to update the firmware when it arrives. If it's current, it will tell you so, and you can install the O/S and move on from there. If it's not current, you already have the update ready to go..
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