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Ram problems?


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Hi everybody.


Last year I joined and recieved great assistance with my problems.



I gave my system to my parents and built my self a new one at the beginning of 09.


Anyways my parents system has given them fits through out the entire year.

The system is at stock speeds


It is a jetway M26GT4 mobo

amd x2 5000

corsair xms2 pc2-6400 2x2 gb

thermaltake tr2-430

Western digital 750gb hd


this unit has been unstable all year.


I have run Memtests with varying results.


Last night I had 1 dimm of ram fail x2

but then it worked fine.

I tested each dimm 1x1 and then together.

and it worked fine when together


But this morning the computer has gone back into freeze mode. whereas it will not boot up, When I perform a cmos reset everything seems to work for a while but then it starts it again...

Anyone any ideas?


I know I have probably missed something but I need to get going, if there are any other questions I will be back on later...

Thank you



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Thank you YellowBeard


I took care of that RMA...


Also forgot to mention that I had memtested the system with my memory from my computer and all configurations passed without error... Not that it matters...


But Thank you


Have a great day



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