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hi i have an evga 122ck-nf67-t1 680 sli mb a q6600 go step processor and 4x1 gb sticks 6400 c4d dominator mem .my question is i hear tell that 4x1gb sticks is tougher on mb than 2x2gb sticks . i would like to maybe oc a little and my question is would it be better to run 2x2 gb sticks . and i also hear that its better to get 6400 and maybe clock up than get 8500 ? some help and module recomendations please . a little confused of all the suggestions out there .would like to stick with corsair ram it has been good to me only bought the 4x1 gb cause it was good deal. i would appreciate some module recomendations am looking at the 6400 dhx though heard tell not a good over clocker .help please . thanks alot.
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