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P128 - Slow write performance - System unusable (Win XP)


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Hi everyone,


I'm having some issues with my CMFSSD-128GBG2D: When downloading more than 3 or 4 files with 1 thread each and a total of 5MB/s my system slowed down (became unusable) and the download rate went down. So I started looking into that problem.


Mainboard: Gigabyte EP45-UD3R

System: Win XP SP3

The SSD is the bootdrive and has 3 partitions (58GB NTFS = Windows system drive, 58GB ext3 = Linux system drive, 2GB swap)


Configuration (XP): Write cache is enabled (write cache diabled gave me even poorer results) The driver in use (for the SSD) is from Microsoft.


After reading many posts on this forum I tried changing between AHCI/Raid: Raid/AHCI/Diabled. I couldn't boot from AHCI - gave me a bluescreen of death.


I read something about updating firmware - is that neccessary for a SSD? If yes: Where can I find it?


More info:

- The SSD is connected to: Channel 3 Master (Raid/AHCI: disabled) or Port 5 (Raid)

- When running the tests there were no other programs running and I disabled AntiVir.

- The system partition has 11.4 GB free space (58.5 GB total)

- Win was installed about 8-10 weeks ago but I mostly used Linux since.

- chkdsk doesn't find any errors.



I hope you can give me any hints what else I could try...


Thanks in advance.




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  • Corsair Employee
If you only have 5 Meg of space you may be running out of space on the drive, I would suggest using Parted magic to wipe the drive (Under Tools Select Erase Disk) and then Select the drive from the list and select Secure erase then format the drive using the Quick format with 32K Allocation option and test the drive ATTO as a second HDD to test the performance, and you may want to consider using another drive for the other O.S.
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Seems like the problem has been solved. I formatted the drive with 32k alloc and it runs like a charm. Now I installed Win (XP SP3) on this drive with the 32k alloc and it still performs great. But how can I prevent that the performance gets so bad again?




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