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My old HX620W clicks, my new HX850W hums


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My 2.5 year-old HX620W started to click last week (it does not seem fan related to me), so I decided to buy a new, more future-proof (SLI/Crossfire etc.) PSU. As I have been very pleased with the HX620, especially noise-wise, I decided to stick with Corsair and bought the HX850.


I find it to be very noticeably louder than the HX620, even at idle (bios, win 7 doing nothing).


I even tried without connecting it to the computer (see how), but it does make a considerable amount of noise.


I feel like the fan is always at 100%... For example, I started some Prime95 tests, and did not notice any variation in the PSU fan noise.


In addition to the fan noise, I can distinctly hear a little hum coming directly from the unit.


Should I RMA both of my PSU's ?

Are there any other options ?

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I would have RMAed the HX620, you have a long warranty, why not use it?


The HX850 should be be quiet but not as quiet as your HX620. I have 2 currently. One makes no discernable noise and the other whines and makes noises under load.

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Is it possible you have some interference coming in on your AC line? I'm not saying it is impossible, but I would not expect you to have 2 bad PSUs from us at the same time.


If you troubleshoot and choose to RMA, use the link to the left. I'd start with the HX620 first. When you get it back from RMA, see if the issue is still present.

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Thanks for your replies.


I don't think it comes from my AC line, as the HX620 served me well for about two years on the same plug. It could though, I am not putting any hypothesis aside.


I'll try and RMA the HX620, which is definitely not working properly.


Regarding the HX850, to give you an idea of the noise it produces... I'd say it makes as much noise as my mcp 350 watercooling pump.


Maybe I'm being too sensitive about noise but ... It kind of annoys me while idling on my pc (surfing on the web for example, or running some MS Word...)

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It is strange that you would have problems with both PSUs. If possible I would suggest testing them on a different system just to see if you can duplicate the same issues. If so, then lets get them both replaced. You can use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”
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Once again, thank you for your fast answers. I greatly appreciate your support.


I've made an RMA request for the HX620W, which is clearly malfunctioning.


Regarding the HX850, I couldn't swear it's faulty : I just find it noisy. It seems to me that the noise it produces now is much louder than the first few times I powered it up, for the same usage.


Could that be ? Or are my ears playing tricks on me ?


Is there some fan control that could have died ?


Regarding the little hum / buzz, is it considered usual (could come from the fan motor) ?

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