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Disappointing? P128 benchmark results


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Hello guys.


Just updated my system. (See above speccs). Assembly went smooth. Before installing anything on my new drive, I did a firmware(VBM19C1Q) upgrade on the SSD and after that set BIOS to AHCI. Then I installed Win 7 64bit. After that I followed this guide guide:

http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=82516 , but I kept superfetch and system restore.


I have a fresh clean system at the time of writing. Using a brand new 1TB external spinning disk for temp folders and such.


I decided to run a simple benchmark on a fresh boot, with no other programs running.


So I did an "AS SSD Benchmark" test, and dont really know how to interpret the result, but it seems disappointing to me. See attached image.



And now for my question:

Simply put: I'm wondering if this is just plain normal for this SSD, or do I have some faulty setups that are gimping my brand new SSD.


Edit: spelling

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Please run ATTO Disk bench and post the results.

OK, here's my ATTO result with the latest version of ATTO:



I'm no tech genius, so I just ran it as it came to my PC, with default settings.



And the Spec post on our web site is 220 MB/s sequential read and180 MB/s sequential write, so your drive is actually running pretty well in that test

Aye mate, I'm not really questioning the sequential results, I was mostly wondering about the other read/write results. Are they as expected, or is there something from my results suggesting I might have faulty settings somewhere on my system? The ATTO results seemed a bit more comforting tho.


But again, I'm not really much of an expert, so additional feedback is much appreciated.




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