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Issue with flash voyager gt 32


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hi there

i bought my flsh drive from ebuyer.com and i had a issue whit it .

when you plug it in a usb port is plugs and unplug it self all the time (if you know what i mean sry for my poor english ) i send it for replace ,got a new one in a weak time but the brand new one is whit same problem.the problem appears on 2 pc`s and a laptop i can simply send it back for replace but can you please give me an advice what can possible go wrong , i try to format it whit SDformater , hp flash tool and windows format .the HP format goes to 99%and gives me an error ,sd formater on a some state shows the device is 2 big :(

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and the model on the pack is CMFUSB-32GBGT

and btw atm it does not write any more i can read but as soon you try to write or format whit any utility it shows the drive is write protected :( and that is for less than 3 hours i unpack it today :(

if you need more info or pics just let me know mate

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