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HX620W Over Consumption


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I've purchased a HX620 PSU 2 months ago to replace my old 500W.

Since then I've quadrupled my electricity bill...

(This is the only change i've done to my setup)

Whenever i turn on my pc, the meter goes crazy.


Do I have to RMA it?


thanks !

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  • Corsair Employees

The PSU can only supply as much power as your system requests so there would be no difference between the power draw unless you have changed other components as well as the PSU. The HX620 may actually draw less actual power from your wall since it is likely more efficient than your older 500w unit.


Have you purchased anything new over the last 2 months that would plug into an outlet, or perhaps you are running a heater during the winter months that might be contributing to this? I would contact your utility company and see if they can help track down the discrepancy.

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