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HX1000 Fan Not spinning.


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I purchased this power supply in January 2009. It's been good so far and I love it. Today I turned off my PC to do a routing clean up (dusting off the insides of it), and I noticed that the case was extremely hot where the power supply is.

The power supply was also extremely hot to the touch. I plugged in the PC and turned it on. It turns on fine, but the PSU fan does not seem to spin at all. I waited a few minutes thinking that it will probably spin eventually, but it doesn't spin. The computer is OK ( I use it for an hour or so before shutting it down), but the CPU fan doesn't spin. It gets really hot too. I assume this isn't normal. I suppose I need to replace it and request an RMA.


What are your thoughts?


Thanks for your help.

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I've requested an RMA. I will ship it back this afternoon.


One question I have though. Should I include all the PSU cables with the power supply when I ship it? Or should I ship only the power supply?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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