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HX750W Restarts 2-3 seconds after shutdown. Please help.


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Dear Corsair/Mods/Users,


I have just installed a new Corsair HX750 to replace my failing OCZ 850W GameXstream which is now waiting to be replaced on RMA. The installation has gone smoothly and remedied the previous problems that I had been encountering.


However, having installed the HX750 I am now not able to shut down my computer without it immediately re-booting 2-3 seconds after the machine has powered down.


I do not believe this is a software based issue as it occurs regardless of weather I hold the power button down for 4 seconds prior to windows loading (immediately after the machine POST's) or if I shutdown the computer from within windows.


The only way to shut the computer down is to shutdown then manually switch the HX750 off at the back of the PSU. Even after I have turned off the PSU manually the computer will attempt to re-start again on the residual charge (for 1 second before it runs out) despite the PSU being totally turned off.


There are other recent threads on forums relating to the same issue with HX750's and HX850's on the 'net that I have already consulted and that also identify the problem as not being unique to my HX750:






I have already tried swapping my old OCZ back in and the computer returns to shutting down normally indicating that it is a defect or conflict with the HX750. Hence; me posting here.


I have disabled all of the Wake-Up / Power On features in my BIOS.


I have turned off all of the Wake / Power on features within Device Manager (As suggested should remedy the problem on the first of the forum threads above).


None have worked.


Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong or how I could fix this issue please? I am thoroughly stumped! My system details are listed below.


Many Thanks,



Abit IN9-32 MAX - BIOS revision 15 (Latest)


6GB Corsair Dominator PC8500


Asus Xonar Essence ST

Corsair HX750

Windows 7 Professional x64

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Exactly same with me...

I have just installed a new Corsair HX750 to replace AOPEN 400W because i replace my VGA to GTX 275. The installation has no problem at all.

I use Abit In9-32Max and Corsair HX750 and cannot shut down my computer without immediately re-booting 2-3 seconds after the machine has powered down.

I try with another PSU and my AOPEN PSU, my computer shutdown normally...


I think corsair hx750 have a problem with ABIT-IN9 but i can't find it...I hope Corsair can fix this issue...

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  • Corsair Employees

The PSU must receive a signal from the motherboard in order for it to turn on, it can not turn on by itself, here are a couple of things to check:


Make sure you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard.


Load setup defaults in the BIOS.


Detach the power button on the case from the motherboard and try manually booting the computer by bridging the two power pins together which the power button was plugged into. The tip of a screwdriver should work well.


If there is still no change I would recommend testing the PSU in a different system to make sure that the problem follows the PSU. If the PSU works on a different system then I would not suspect a replacement PSU would resolve the issues, but we can definitely give it a try if all else fails.

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I already try all possibilities like RAM GUY said...

But my PC still same...

I try with another 2 PSU my PC shutdown works perfectly...

I try Corsair HX750 with another motherboard works perfectly too...


The problem is ABIT in9 not match with corsair HX 750

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  • Corsair Employees
One more thing to try would be to boot up in safe mode and see if the shutdown issues persist. If so, then its likely a BIOS related problem, but if the problems go away then there may be a driver or 3rd party software on the system that is effecting the shutdown process.
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