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Dominator GTX2s and LN2 OCing by Dinos22

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Team.AU OCer Dinos22 recently took the Dominator GTX2s for a spin while doing some LN2 clocking. Pretty neat stuff.




....here we go first LN2 session is over 10L got chewed up and now I got some idea of the clocks and how this beast behaves......... :D


This is very exciting.....going back to AMD and all....I am now hooked :D


These CPUs love cold it's amazing. I was literally battling this F1EE to get some ok speeds out of the chip but for longer tests like 8M or 32M it was already evident that i may need to start looking for a better tuned CPU pot for these.......I did some pretesting on air and SS so i knew roughly what the RAM and board could do. I was planning on benching the Asus Crosshair 3 as well but as luck would have it the board died.....SADS or something else...who knows, i just wish i could at least try it on LN2 lol before it bitched out lol


Always good to chat to someone while benching new gear....chew* was onhand and he got a dose of dinos22's entertainment during the session lol :p: :up:


Anyways here's the test setup and some piccies :)


Test Configuration:

  • GIGABYTE 790FXTA-UD5 F2 official bios
  • AMD X4 965 Black Edition C3 week 44 retail
  • F1EE CPU pot
  • Corsair Dominator GTX 2250 DDR3 2GB modules
  • PCIe nvidia 8400GS
  • 1200W Antec Quattro OC Edition PSU
  • 300GB Velociraptor
  • Windows 2003 Server


Giga is very fast in 1M. It trails a bit in 32M so gotta work some more on it i think...just as well as i couldnt get speeds i was happy with anyways heh...could be teething issues with new board/bioses i donno but once i get it strapped to a better pot i'll do some proper 32M too :) .... best part is it's still alive w00t lol :rofl:


I wont have much time to do more LN2 testing until i fly out to Adelaide to bench together with my good friend youngpro mid January.....we are going to rape this CPU hard lol :rofl: and my priority is superpi first and then whatever else ppl want to see at the event we are doing :D










Evil chip heheh




...stay tuned :up:

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