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All HX750Watts atleast 80Plus Silver Certified ?


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Just want to ask this question as I bought Corsair HX-750watts PSU last week and while I'm strolling to a computer retail store today I saw a Corsair HX-750watts box with a 80Plus Silver logo on its box while the one that I bought doesn't have any logo on its box nor the body of the PSU itself.


Does that mean that the one I got is a batch that wasn't certified yet when it was released and could be an old stock?


Are all Corsair HX-750watts at least 80Plus Silver certified ? because some sites say it is actually Gold Certified, I'm worried that the batch I got is only bronze or a 80 Plus Standard only.


Please do enlighten me on this as this is the 1st time I bought a true rated PSU and a noob when it comes to PSU's, main reason I bought it is to save some $ out of my electrical bills.

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