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Randomly freezing...TW3X4G1600C9D and GA-MA790FXT-UD5P (bios F7 and F8c)


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I'm not able to make stable this configuration. I've tested all speeds from 800 to 1600 with a huge variety of recomended latencies extracted from this forum and others and always the same problem... randomly freeze and must hard restart the system.

Run memtest with one and two modules, in differents dimms, and speeds... no errors reports at any speed (it tests ok at 1600 9-9-9-24-2t 1.8v).

Tested too with clean installs of XP 32bits, and Vista 64... the same problem.


System temps:

cpu 34

mb 35


Prime95 works well... i can start and stop it without problems, but in other any moment... system freezes (editing docs, surfing the web...)


Could anybody help me please?

Any suggestions?


Also freezes with OpenSuse Linux 11.2... :-(

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i've tested all posible speeds from 800 to 1600 with diferents voltages and latencies... your recomendation (9-9-9-24-2T 1.8 volts) and other worst like (12-12-12...) trying to find some which makes the system stable.

i've ran memtest86 with no errors in many configs (one module at a time, changing the dimm slot, speeds, latencies... NO ERRORS REPORTED).


I can work during 20-30 minutes with diferents apps, doing several tasks from different nature... then it freezes.


It ocurrs most often when i run programs like EasyTune and Everest Ultimate.

I have no more ideas than buy a new pair of memos... :-(

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Please exactly what I said and go to BIOS setup and load setup defaults and then set the memory Voltage to 1.7 Volts and set the memory frequency at DDR1333 then exit the BIOS and run http://www.memtest.org if it passes then let it boot to Windows and see if its more stable.


I've just done what you said last night... there is no change.


1. load defaults at BIOS

2. set memory frequency "manual" at 1333

3. set memory voltage "manual" at +0.1 (mobo sets it at 1.6, total 1.7)

4. set cdrom at primary start media

5. restart system from cdrom with memtest inserted

6. run memtest for 8:30 hours... 9 passes, 0 errors (666 Mhz (DDR1333) / CAS: 9-9-9-25)

7. restart system

8. set hard disk at primary start media

9. run Vista 64

10. after ten minutes surfing, it frezees again while clicking an html link...


"Moto GP" game runs perfectly as Prime95 does... processor at 100% and no freezes...

I think memos are ok... but, is there any compatibility problems with the mobo? Could be a faulty processor?...

Please, give me some ideas...


Thanks a lot.

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