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CMFUSB2.0-1GB - faulty


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I have a CMFUSB2.0-1GB [Flash Voyager]. The last couple of days when I plugged the flash drive in, it has either not been detected or has been detected then after a minute or so has dropped out ie xp no longer detects.


Sometimes it seems to slip in and out of detection [if you see what I mean]. Tried it in another pc and it does the same thing. Other flash drives which I have are detected correctly with no issues.


Appreciate that there is an RMA link adjacent to this forum but I live in the U.K. Happy to send the faulty USB drive back to you if return is to the U.K, however if the return is back to the U.S then the shipping might end up costing me more than replacing the drive locally.


Also as regards the invoice, I am not sure if I still have it since this item was purchased some 3 years ago and I cannot even remember from which retailer I bought it from. In fact, I am not even sure if the warranty period for this item has already expired.


Can you please advise.


Apologies for disturbing you with these questions and a Happy New Year

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