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Hangs-freezes-BSOD-RAM ???


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Hello there,

this is the first system i ever build (last week) and i would honestly prefer that it went a little bit more stable.


Well here goes:

first i must clarify that i do not have internet yet since i am waiting for my connection to arrive the coming Monday.

Therefore i can NOT get and had not had any windows updates !!!


Anyway, after a lot of BSODs, hangs and freezes from my first OS installation i finally managed to re-install Win7-64 with SATA=RAID, JMicron=AHCI and memory remap enabled. I currently do not have any additional driver installed. The problem is that witn memory remap enabled, my system wont go past the Windows starting logo! It will either freeze, hang or display a BSOD showing the message: "Memory_management" (at the first installation i got many different more but think it was VGA driver related).

I updated my BIOS to ver. 1002 (9/09) but nothing changed. With memory remap disabled it boots fine and i left it at idle overnight yeseterday and looked ok. Of course the thing is that with memory remap off Windows identifies only 3.24GB of my RAM as usable.


At the very first attempt of installing Windows i thought it is a VGA card-driver issue. Besides that i had read that HD5870 drivers from ATI result in various flickerings and hanging during games. But i am not there yet!


First i would like to be able to use my RAM to its full potential (8GB).

I already tried to adjust factory settings (1600MHz, 1.65V) both manually and under XMP Profile with NO success. The system just refuses to boot. I also had a scan disk for errors that ended up nicely and clean.


So, is there a compatibility issue? Faulty RAM? Wrong BIOS settings or what?

I want to add that when remapping is ON; BIOS reports all 8GB normally whereas CPU-Z does the same in Windows with memory remap off.


Any advice could prove helpful.

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  • Corsair Employees

With the remap feature you would have to have that enabled when you install the O.S.; If you installed Windows with that disabled that may be why you are having a problem.

Have you tried to test the system with http://www.memtest.org and just load setup defaults and enable XMP and Disable legacy USB when running the memory test.

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I don't quite remember if remapping was ON during 2nd (and latest) installation.

Therefore i will re-install windows today (clean install) with only one DIMM (2GB) and remap feature enabled.

Then i will run memtest for each DIMM seperately leaving it overnight and during daytime and then report back.



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OK! here goes...


2nd DIMM with XMP #1, USB disabled and Memory Remap ON

about 18 hrs & 51 passes: no errors!!! :laughing:


3d DIMM same setup

about 4 hrs (left home and returned): at 12th pass: 92427 errors

at 13th pass: 814302 errors !!!!!!! :noooooo:


4rth DIMM same setup

about 70 min (still running) completing 3rd pass 28 errors !!! :mad:


So. What do i do now? :dunno:



Running Memtest version 4.00 from boot-up cd...

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Since 2 out my 4 DDR3 DIMMS showed errors during memtest i installed only the two errorless in my machine and started windows.


The result?


-one BSOD displaying "page_ fault_in_nonpage_area" message followed by an instant reboot and

-one total freezing during some elementary-routine file operation (windows explorer)


Mr. Ram Guy where've you been?


What do i do with my faulty DIMMS and is there any solution for the serious unstability of the system?:bigeyes:

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I seem to be getting some stability here...


Of course RAM is running under auto (BIOS) settings meaning at 1333MHz.

I managed to install Windows Updates as well as a series of drivers:


-Intel Chipset

-Realtek LAN

-Intel Matrix Storage Manager

-JMicron Controller 36x

-VIA HD Audio

-ATI Radeon HD5800 series

-LG LCD Monitor


So far so good. But i don't dare to switching back to manual or XMP settings of Corsair suggestions: 1600MHz, 1.65V, 9-9-9-24 in order to avoid freezes and/or BSODs coming up again!!!


Any ideas ?

I have the feeling i am writing to myself :(


Where is everybody Corsair ???:feedback:

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Already requested RMA but also did the same at the store i picked my RAM from. :sigh!:


I don't know if this is gonna be an issue.


Apart from RMA.


Are there any stable settings for my RAM to operate at factory configuration?


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