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8gb of mixed dram @ 1600mhz on a amd phenom ii be


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Apart from my 4GB of ram installed on my system I also had my triple channel core i7 kit.

So I decided to do a test. Yes, I installed 2 of my sticks from my CORSAIR CMG6GX3M3A1866C7 memory kit on to my AMD board totally reaching 8 GB of installed ram.

Reading from various posts that if all the four dimm slots are populated then you can only reach stable 800 MHz or at best 1066 MHz using the same memory modules.

But I used memory sticks from different kits and particularly the following rams:

CORSAIR CMG4GX3M2B1600C7 @ the blue slots and 4 GB of my triple channel CORSAIR CMG6GX3M3A1866C7 kit @ the white slots.

I was surprised by the results. The system not only was able to boot but it was stable running Hyper Pi, 3d Mark Vantage (all settings maxed out) and Prime 95 for two hours @ 1600MHz, 7-7-7-20.




If anyone has similar or better results please do post.

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No need to do that. The system is prime stable and rock solid. If there was any problem none of the benching programs would have been finished successfully. I know is unusual with the above settings, but it worked for me.
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There wasn't any problem from the beginning. I started this thread for testing purposes and sharing experiences, not for troubleshooting.

So if anyone else has similar or better results and particularly running 8GB @ 1600 would be a great info to share having in mind that the memory controller of the AMD Phenom II processor has certain limitation in ram speed.

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