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I bought this ram new from Newegg on black friday. This is the problem I am having.


In a Biostar TP45E Combo, with 1 stick in the DDR2 socket, it runs great. When I take that stick out and try the other stick, it will not run correctly or at all. I have tried this stick in both sockets. The problem is either no boot or power cycle just as windows loads.


I also tried a Gigabyte P43 UD3L board but could never get it to post due to a power cycling or no signal problem.


Do I have 1 bad stick of ram that is causing all these problems?

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the mobo has a memtest feature. I tested the "good" stick for 6 minutes and no errors. I then changed to the bad stick and it had issues with power cycling but I finally got it to test. How long do I need to let it run?


I'm tired of throwing money at this thing but I think it's the psu. When it boots good, all the fans are running at high. When it hangs or doesn't boot, the fans are spinning but at low speed. Is this normal?

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