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Low performance X128


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could please somebody comment those results:








I ve installed the O.S. on that drive 3 weeks ago, the drive was formatet with the windows formating tool, default settings. There is still a lot of space on that drive!


(temp files are located on a different drive, low paging file settings, no defrag., no indexing, no superfetch)


I use a ASUS P6T SE with i7 on AHCI mode.


Why is the performance lower than the specifications (read 220, write 170)? At least the reading should be better...




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A little bit strange. Don´t know exactly whats wrong. Show you the results with my X128. Bought 4 months ago, installed Win7 prof. 64 and several programs I need. Defrag was disabled by default. No other "optimizations".

Never used wiper or any other tool, pagefile and all other files are on the ssd.

MSI P45 Platinum with AHCI enabled. X128 is on the 1st Sata port together with 3 other hdds. Until today she is running fine.



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Please start your own thread and please run ATTO and post the results.



Have you tried wiping the drive with Parted magic and re-formatting with the Quick option using a 32K allocation?

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No, i did not wipe or reformat because the OS is on the drive. The SSD was formatted by the formatting function of W7, no Quick option, default settings. I did not use a special software therefore an i dont remember if there was a 32K allocation offered or what kind of allocation was done by W7.


Anyhow, it would be a lot of effort to reinstall the OS just to find out if the reason was the formatting. Or did i make an obvious mistake?


Is there a alternative solution?

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I found out that there might be an issue with my docking bay device. The ssd is mounted in this device http://www.silverstonetek.com/products/p_spec.php?pno=ms05&area=usa


Since i plugged the SSD direct into the mainboard i receive better results





Faster writing is not recognised by crystal, but ATTO delivers results which are close to the specifications! :sunglasse




Can i increase the write speed to 170 when the SSD will be formated quick with 32K allocation?

If this way to format the drive is that important, why is there no hint in the stickys regarding the formatting?






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The Spec for the X-128 is 240 MB/s sequential read and 170 MB/s sequential write, so you are not that far off and with it as the Boot drive you will loose a little because of the O.S. over head. So I would say you do not need to do anything.
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