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RMA (Europe) and non working RAM related questions :-)


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Thanks for the patience :D:


I built my system 4 months ago and installed 12GB of HX3X12G1600C9 on my Asus P6T Deluxe V2 MOBO (Corsair 850HX PSU). Everything worked perfectly for last 4+ months never a single crash and all 12GB have been visible and working perfectly under Windows 7 Professional 64 bit......until today. Well it still works perfect but with 2GB less.


I am 3d artist and while working this morning I was trying to access a large file and could not open it as my software gave some memory error warning. So I thought maybe it was because I had tons of large files and multiple softwares open, I went and checked the resource monitor and "installed memory" had changed from 12GB to 8GB ::pirate::


Long story short I took all the 6 sticks out and tried them two at a time on slots A1 and B1 of the MOBO. I eventually narrowed it down to one dead memory stick. So 5 of the sticks definitely work. The bad one does not work in any of the slots in which the 5 good ones work.


This from the MOBO manual-



As the manual above does not say anything about how to install 5 Dimms. I tried the following two combinations with the 5 remaining good DIMMS (refer to image below). One 5 DIMM combination shows 10GB in the task manager but the other combination using the same 5 working modules shows 8GB instead of 10GB.


Q1- Does that mean C2 slot on MOBO is damaged too? OR is that simply because for 5 DIMMS B2 has to be used before C2 can be populated?


TYPO in the image. 8 B = 8GB



Q2- I am in Switzerland. Do I use the RMA Tech support Express method on this website or is there another method for Europe? The shop I bough the matching kit from lists corsair.com for warranty.


Q3- Under RMA option it asks me if I -


Purchased as Single Module (1 Memory Module)

Purchased as Triple Kit (3 Memory Modules)


Which do I pick as I have 6memory sticks as part of the 12 GB matching kit :confused:


Q4- I understand that I will have to send all 6 modules back but is it possible to get the good modules first before I send the bad ones back? I need the PC for work and can't be without it.


Thanks for any help and your patience ;):

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I tried with 2 of the working sticks in non recommended order on A1 and C2. Showed up as 2GB only instead of 4GB.

Then I tried on A1 and C1 and that shows up as 4GB.


Does that mean that apart from one dead stick which I confirmed before my C2 slot could be dead too?


Please anyone?

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Thanks for the reply RAM GUY. I tried to boot with only one module at a time on A1 slot. All 5 good modules allowed the system to boot fine but the suspect/bad module would not allow the system to boot. So one module is definitely defective.


I will fill the RMA form now. Thanks

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RAM guy I am confused about part quantity in the RMA forum. They are 6 physical modules but part of one matching set/kit. Do I write part quantity as 1 or 6?


Please Note:


XMS-TWIN, TRIPLE, QUAD, and HEX sets, and VS-KITs are considered quantity "1" (they are one set of two or more memory modules). When returning memory kits with more than one module, the RMA request should specify the quantity as "1" for each matching set. The lot codes on each module returned as a kit must be identical. If the lot codes do not match, the modules will be received separately and each replaced as a single unit return.


So "Part quantity" = 1 then?

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