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Can Ubuntu 32bit (EXT4) be installed on an Voyager GT?


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Hi there!


I just found about this amazing product, but before I go ahead and buy it, I want to be sure it fits the purpose I want to give it.


I work on a company using Windows, so whenever I want to do my personal stuff, I carry my Ubuntu install on a pen drive, which I can boot from. This setup is ideal for me, as I can mind my business without modifying the corporate build in any way. However, I am not sure such setup would work on this drive because of its very specific features.


In order for this to work, the drive should be formatable in EXT4, accept swap partitions and be compatible with Ubuntu, of course.


Can anyone tell me if this is the case?



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most companies have a policy about not using company property for personal use. you may want to check into that so you wont get fired first.


Thanks for your comments, but...


Well, what would they say? That I am wearing out their screen and putting their RAM to use? Of course there are confidentiality agreements and compliance issues involved in using a corporate build or data for personal use, but that´s nothing to do with what I am doing.


In any case, yes, I have asked and they see no problem with that.

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