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Asus Rampage II Extreme with Intel Core i7 975


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i've a little problem with my new system.


My problem:


If i activate the X.M.P. profile and push my cpu to more than 3,5 GHz (vcore on auto @ 1,36) my system freezes everytime i run prime95 (after about 3 - 5 Minutes). If the cpu runs under 3,5 GHz then prime is stable at 1,2xx vcore (still auto).


What could be wrong ?


I let all voltage settings on Auto except QIP (1,60) and RAM Bus (1,65).


After searching in several postings my first thought was the PSU - but the Enermax calculator told me that even with overclocking to 4 GHz @ 1.35 VCore an 600 wats PSU should be enough.



Another funny effekt I have with memtest86 - even all components at default speed - memtest crashes everytime at 7% and the system freeze (need to hard reset)


regards and thx for your suggestions in advance



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