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1GB for my laptop


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Is this Corsair stick compatible?:confused::



I know my laptop can take up to 2GB, 1gb for each of the 2 slots. It's a Advent 7074 a.k.a. Quanta KN3 by Dell BIOS date Dec 04, it has a Pentium 4 3.x ghz processor with hyperthreading & ATI 9100 IGP mobility graphics (hope this helps identify)


I know it uses 200 pin sodimm, current RAM 2 of these:

HYNIX Malaysia 52 PC2700S-25330 256mb DDR 333mhz CL2.5 HYMD232M646D6-J


But it's not listed on your memory configurator! :(:


If not, does anyone know any that is? I can't seem to find any memory configurators that list Advent or Quanta laptop. The most i've seen is 3 Quanta laptops in one list! I know there are at least 20 different models


Your help would be much appreciated!;):


PS i'm looking for ddr 400 (PC3200) as it provides better quality on a ddr 333 board (so i've read ). I've also over specced mem on a desktop mobo and think it'll work for the lap. But if not would be happy with PC2700


Best regards

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The issue is the Memory IC that the chipset needs is not widely available and most module makers do not use it as its more expensive. I would suggest contacting the NB maker and asking them for compatible memory.
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