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TWIN2X4096-8500C5D failing again


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I brought a new system as described in my profile on March last year. Upon building it I failed memtest consistently across two machines and so i returned the product with an RMA and got a replacement from my retailer, scan.


I tested the memory upon return and it was fine, I've used my system with this new memory and generally its been ok for months.


However over christmas time I turned my machine on and it just crashed as soon as it started trying to load the OS. It would do this repeatedly in a continuous loop. I dug out my memtest disk and tried it and discovered literally an endless number of failures, more than i've ever seen before.


I tried unplugging and plugging in combinations of the two sticks and managed to get rid of the massive number of failures but i was still getting 5 or 6 repeatable failures on one stick, then a final swop and it would have no failures (for a 20 minute test).


Finally a few days later i experienced the same crashing and failing to boot, another memtest revealed it was doing the thousands of memory failures again.


I've since swopped some simms from another computer in and everything has ran fine for weeks now.


As such I was wondering if i could RMA the memory and perhaps swop it for some slower normal 6400 speed ram of the same size.


I'm wondering if there is just some inherrent incompatibility between the memory and my motherboard, Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R Mobo S775. I've tried all the suggestions on here, i was running at the correct voltages, i even tried lowering the memory down to 6400 speed but even then it was still failing memtest.


I've contacted my retailer, and because of its age they would only be able to do a like for like swop. I'm less interested in all out speed now and would just like some nice stable memory. If it's possible for a swop, that'd be great. If not i guess i'll just have to take the loss and buy some new slower memory.


Just for information, the memory is now packaged back in its original packaging in like new condition.


Thanks for your time.

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Thanks, I will do that.


Can i get them replaced with slower chips though, I'd just rather have some memory i can run with BIOS defaults at the slower speeds, yet hopefully stable as a rock. Will i be able to request that through the RMA request form, in the description field?

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