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Really peculiar boot problem

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Hey all. This may not be related to my SSD at all (infact I am quietly confident I have fixed the issue.. fingers crossed) but get this for strange !


I installed my SSD last week and imaged Win7 to it. Performance is incredible.


However the other day I finally got around to shutting the PC down (very rarely does this happen in winter as it acts as a storage heater and my radiators are switched off) and I encountered an issue.


On reboot I got a strange series of events. Firstly my desktop booted to pink. Then my desktop booted to blue (plain screen no mouse pointer no entry sound nothing). Then on third boot it booted to garble (with Windows sound) and then on fourth boot it went into the desktop.


Figuring this was a one off I got into Windows and happily carried on. However today my postman finally got off his backside and delivered the SSD mount bracket and I shut the PC off to fit it. In it went. Excuse the dust it was time for my weekly clean (yeah a shiny black PC requires mucho maintainance !!).




It's at the very bottom under the raid array and storage drive. All done I pressed the power button. Here is what I got. Now I had my camera ready just incase.




Isn't it pretty? OK power down, power cord out (cos this Asus doesn't like being hard switched it won't boot til you remove the power cord and let the power drain) and here is what I got..




Notice a pattern emerging? No? OK how about this pretty pattern, complete with sound.




And then 4th time of trying guess what? yup, in I went in about 6 seconds post post.




Now one thing I did think of was my installation of Skype. I lived in the USA for many years (ten or so) and I have a lot of friends and contacts there. When booting the PC (successfully) I noticed something about I must log in as an admin to complete the installation. Odd :confused:


Any way a quick Msconfig and a shut down reboot later and the problem seems to have evaporated. So it could well be a Skype problem (touch wood).


Incase any one is worried about duplicating the problem here are my specs. And before you go blaming Alienware don't. This isn't an Alienware rig it's one I built, well I may add.


Asus Crosshair 2 ROG.

XFX 280 GTX XXX ed (670mhz or so)


4GB ram (2gb Corsair XMS2 & 2gb OCZ Plat)

Phenom 2 X4 940 (stock clocked I don't overclock it, no point).

Corsair HC50 running dual Arctic 9 blade fans.


250gb baracuda Raid1 data array

500gb baracuda storage drive (games, installers etc)

Sony BDR

Lite on 16xDVDRW Region 1 (for all my yankee collected sundries)

Silverstone MP51 (media panel.. I suspected this at first)

Railink Turbo wireless PCI card.

Pinnaclesys DAB dongle (for freeview.. I also suspected this).


Weird eh? :confused:

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