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VS1GB400C3 vs VS1GB400C3/EU G Compatibility issues?


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I had a VS1GB400C3 for my MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum. It died (in short failed to boot one day after exhibitiing weird symptoms), I exchanged it 1-to-1 for a new piece at my distributor's. The new model is "VS1GB400C3/EU G"


Fixed it in, everything works. Until I discovered my digital audio software now could not play back the files which worked on the old piece of RAM. I loaded many other files known to work without problems, same thing.


I did extensive troubleshooting and narrowed down to one possibility: the only change to my system was the RAM.


So my question is is there a difference between the models: VS1GB400C3 vs VS1GB400C3/EU G? Are there any settings that may have to be changed for compatibility with my MB/system?



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