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Bought a 4 gig kit, want more memory what are my options?


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I bought a 4 gig kit of "Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 XMS3 4 GB" memory for my new Asus P7P55D-E Pro. The memory is a pair of two two gig sticks. If I now want to upgrade to 8 gig total RAM, can I just get another 4 gig kit of the same stuff?


Does the answer depend on overclocking as in, if I don't overclock are the chances of it working much better?





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Corsair and all ram companys always say if you want to run 8gig then its best to buy an 8gig kit , (which is true BUT why the stupid price difference????? most people can NOT afford to buy 8gig all at once, so opt for two 4gig kits which IS one hell of alot cheaper)


the problems you may have when buying two 4gig kits can be a real nightmare,

as far as i have found out over the years when buying ram in two kits is it can be hit and miss although maybe i have been lucky as 99% of the kits i have used have worked fine together, although i have bought 2 kits at same time mostly, as long as revison numbers are the same and ram is of same batch then all should be fine. the problem with leaving it to long befor upgrading to more ram is the company that makes the ram maybe using different IC's on the newer ram kits which may not mix well with the first ram's you bought... it sux i know but thats the always the case as they make faster and better ram .... i had problems with mixing 2 4gig kits of xms3 it was resolved by setting the IMC voltage in the bios to 1.2500volts. maybe i was lucky again but i returned kits as i was not 100% sure that 1.2500 volts was safe for cpu's IMC, somthing that i have found out now is fine. by that time i changed to a different company, of which im running two 4gig packs to get my total of 8gig , these two kits worked out of the box together @ 1600mhz just by setting xmp in the bios, i had a bad time with the xms3 kits and was very unhappy untill now :D good luck

i have been wondering about the QC for Corsair for a while now as they seem to RMA alot of kits just lately. i cant understand that if the rams are faulty how did they leave the factory as they tell us the kits are put through a huge test to verifi the ram will work. but what do i know? i just want ram that works out of the box.

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