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I have an Asus p5g41t-m MB and a 4gb kit of corsair tw3x4g1333c9a (2x2gb).


I have had repeated bsod occur when using either and both modules. It is more stable when only one stick is used, and one in particular is more stable than the other. have run memtest and have found that:

stick 1 in slot 1 and stick 2 in slot 2 = errors

stick 1 in slot 2 and stick 2 in slot 1 = pass

stick 1 in slot 1 = pass

stick 2 in slot 1 = eroors

stick 1 in slot 2 = errorrs

stick 2 in slot 2 = errors

sometimes these combinations work, often they bsod with the given reason as

memory management

page fault

irql not less or equal

process or thread crucial to sys operation failed

win32k.sys error


i am currently posting from the machine in question using only 1 stick.


bsod happens more often after a cold boot - usually takes 3 or 4 attempts to start windows without bsod. at times i have successfully run win 7 with both sticks for a number of hours without incident and then the next morning it fails to boot.



the timing settings on the box stated 9 9 9 24 but the auto settings in the bios were 8 8 8 20. When i changed these to the listed settigns the sticks ran better. Have not tried changing voltage yet or Mhz rating, but will do so now.


any other suggestions?

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have changed voltage to 1.61 v annd this resulted in no discernable change. Still got bsod with each and both sticks in each of the clots.


then changed freq to 1066 and have been running now without any probs for a few hours. even worked from cold boot.


am glad the prob is somewhat resolved, but am unsure what to do about the fact that the ram does not seem stable at the 1333 rating.


is there a known compatibility issue with my system or some component int he system?



Have since been working with the system at 1066 for a few days and while not as problematic it continues to bsod, usually on start up. after 4 or 5 bsod or freezes the system works fine.


in a week or so i will another system that i can test the ram on, but if the same problems occur will be returning the ram.... unless anyone has other solutions i can try?

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