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Undervolted 5v rail on TX750W?


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I'm building a new rig and so far I have the following parts:

Mobo: Asus P6T

CPU: i7 920 (stock cooler)

Memory: Corsair Dominator 6gb (CMG6GX3M3A1600C7)

GPU: GeForce GTS 250 (stock cooler)



Plus one internal SATA HDD, one internal SATA DVD burner, one 120mm fan, one 80mm fan. THAT'S IT.


My first boot worked fine and I installed Windows 7 64 bit. 30 minutes into the first boot, things slow down and I eventually get blue screened. After reboot, the HDD starting making beeping noises (yes, my HDD was beeping) and could not be detected. I hooked up the HDD to an USB enclosure and it worked fine.


After some tinkering, I discovered that the mobo only reports 4.2-4.4v on the 5v rail. I believe this is why my HDD isn't getting detected. I hooked up the HDD to an external power supply and the system detects the HDD fine. . . but now my system tends to crash (BSOD) when I'm at full load.


Am I correct in assuming that my PSU may be defective? Also, would an undervolted 5v rail also cause the rest of my system to crash even if I'm powering my HDD externally? A 750W PSU should be able to power such a bare bone system without a problem right?

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How are you measuring the 5v rail voltage?


Using the 'Power' section of the bios. I know its not 100% reliable but I don't have a multimeter andthe HDD not spinning up gives me reason to suspect the rail really is undervolte.

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