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MSI X58M and TX650W compatible?


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im am in the middle of my first build and have run across a bit of a dilemma...


i am starting to run power to all of my components when i came to the 8pin atx power connector (jpwr2) on the motherboard which is keyed with 4 square holes and 4 rounded ones.


the 8 pin (eps12v) from my corsair tx650w has a detachable 4 pin mechinism so it can work with either a 4 or 8 pin atx motherboard. the first group of four has 2 square and 2 rounded pins while the other group of four has 4 rounded pins.


this does not look to be compatible with the 8 pin connector on my motherboard, only 4 of the 8 pins match.


i read this psu is compatible with my core i7, is this the case but just not compatible with my motherboard? how can i determine if a psu is compatible with my motherboard without physically inspecting the 8 pin atx power cord as the description of the tx650w says it has a 8-pin eps12v?


thank you in advance for any ideas!

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