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Bleeding high radiators/low resevoirs in the 800D?


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Apologies if this isn't the correct place for this question, but I am wondering how others are dealing with the general issue of the radiator placement so high in the case?


I've bought the 800D to replace an aging and noisy PC7 case, and was particularly keen on the idea of the pre-drilled and prepared space for my 360 radiator in the top.


My current case with its external radbox mounted radiator and high drive bay reservoir is easy to fill and bleed. How do people bleed their loops in the 800D? As I will be placing my reservoir (Aquatube) in the middle two drive bays won't any air bubbles remain in the radiator due to it's relatively high location and/or return there even after tipping the case back to its normal position?


My case is already in the mail to me so I'm getting a little anxious about how cooling solutions in these kind of case setups work.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hmm, I am lazy and just placed a high profile T-section with a valve at a reservoir outlet. This solves the draining issue.


Bleeding is no different than any other case. At most, you will be spending one hour more tilting your 800. You can aways put something underneath the case, so the res becomes the highest point again ...

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if your pump is adequate it should push all the air to the res even if its on the bottom.

150GPH+ with 48"+ of head is usually the very smallest pump used for best results.

[edit] i only have 1/2" ID tubing in my rigs, if yours is 3/8" ID you could get away with smaller but the head rating is most important.

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