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TW3X2G1600C9DHXNV Help

Mike Housley

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I installed 2GB of TW3X2G1600C9DHXNV on my last box, hoping and waiting for the TW3X4G1600C9DHXNV to drop in price so I could up the memory. Well, not only did the price never drop, I can't find the DHXNV anymore.

Can you recommend a 4GB set that will be compatible with the TW3X2G1600C9DHXNV I already have installed? As much as I spent on this set I really hate to trash it to upgrade.

TIA for the help.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry but mixing memory would not be suggested or officially supported.

I would suggest you replace what you have now with one 4 Gig set if you want 4 Gig of total memory or one 8 Gig set if you wan 8 gig of total memory.

But if you do try and mix them you would likely have to run them at DDR1066 or DDR1333.

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