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HX850 - one of the 4 pin modular plugs came out of the PSU


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The modular cable came out just fine but the plug itself followed it out about 1/2 an inch or so.


Has this happened to anyone before?


This really pisses me off because I have to go exchange this thing at Microcenter, which is such an god damn time sink (reinstalling & trip).

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OH Jesus F Christ. Second HX850 makes an audible squeal under load.


So here's my batting record for the record:


Seasonic X750 - High pitch squeal under ANY load

Corsair HX650 - Fan craps out and starts ticking after a day

Corsair HX650 - Good

Corsair HX850 - MOdular plug falls out of the PSU

Corsair HX850 - High pitch squeal


All of this is of course, in the same rig. WTF is wrong with PSU manufacturing and QA these days?

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  • Corsair Employees

Are you able to get the PSU to squeal if you boot the system up into safe mode? Capacitors on the motherboard, video card or PSU are usually what would cause the squeal so lets make sure we can rule out a few other possibilities.


If the unit does not squeal in safe mode, then try forcing "Vsync" on in your graphics drivers.


You may also want to try disabling the power saving features for the CPU in the BIOS and see if you still get the same results. While you are at it, make sure you have the latest BIOS available for the board.

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Same rig, 2 different HX850s.


I put back my old HX850 back in and squeal is gone. It was very disturbing when you put your ear up to the PSU. This HX850 makes no noise at all, even with my ear up against it.


Ugh, I wish I didn't buy this replacement from Newegg. Amazon doesn't have it in stock, damnit.

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