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Xms2 6400c4 @ 1060?


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Hello, first post here.

I have been happily running corsair memory for some years now and I'm fine tuning my latest machine. A P5Q @425FSB with a Q9550 @ 3.6Ghz and 3gb of XMS2 6400C4 @850 2.02V.

I just discovered that this memory also runs fine at 1060 5-5-5-18 at 2.02 volts in the bios. standard timings are 800 4-4-4-12 @2.1V. I read somewhere that the P5Q overvolts ramby 0.08V so that's why I tried 2.02V and that's running fine.

And now the question: Is there a reason not to run at 1060? Can it damage the ram?

Thanks for reading


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