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push pull configuration in an 800D


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Corsair makes me sick! :D: just built my system about a year ago & now I see this site with the 800 chassis & the H50..what are ya guys tryin to do, bankrupt me? (going to be real easy with the new maga speed boards plus all this new stuff :eek:


my new build is going to be in an 800 and include an H50, but since I tend to "overbuild" everythingm might as well use the push pull config with the H50.


what order are you finding best? both fans inside case, one in & one out, both out? fulters?....a simpl drawing would suffice, help an old man like me wrap my brain cells around things





what seems to be the general consensus as the most efficient (remember, I'm "overbuilding", so won't probably even need both fans, so I'm not too terribly convinced that shrouds would even be necessary.


seems to be a consensus that the scythe fans are about the best for the money, but do they make an LED fan..and that brings up the question of what effect the LED's have on temp....


if any of this has been covered, I haven't found the exact thing I'm looking for...treat the noob easy, I might get my one remaining feeling hurt.

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I believe the ideal layout is fan-radiator-fan in an intake fashion (air being blown into the case rather than outside). I have it the other way around as I don't want hot air being blown into my case especially since it does not have as many fans as some of the high-end cases.


Now if I had an Antec 900 or CM HAF 922 (or any case with a large top-mounted exhaust), I would probably try it with the exhaust being blown into the case.

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