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XMS3 freezes on Intel DP45SG MB (Will repay advice)


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I've decided to register over here after I have seen a lot of help from the community for Corsair users.


My problem is the Intel MB DP45SG is not working properly with my 8 GB of Corsair DDR3.

Example: rebooting / screen freeze+weird noise + bsod after


Below I have the transcript of the problem addressed to Intel after I have found that most of the replies are directing towards the BIOS of my Intel board and undervoltaging the DDR3 from Corsair. I have updated to the lastest bios which should of fixed things, but it doesn't. I also bought a new power supply from 500W to 1000W, not fixing the problem.


Any advice on how to fix this or in the ultimate case, how do i verify my rams default voltage/other info is much, much, much ...... much appreciated.


Thank you for taking your time to read a desperate a desktop pc user's problem,





Hi guys,




Say hello to another frustrated intel community user.



For the past several days, I have been drinking coffee late at night until 7AM trying to figure out why my new custom computer crashes, here is the spec for it:




Intel DP45SG (had 0083 bios, updated to 0121 after a long problem-streak with updating it)


Core2 Quad 3.0 GHz


Corsair DDR3 1333MHz Dual Channel 8GB total, 4+4 in the slots. 2048 in each SLOT A1, A2, SLOT B1, B2


NVidia 9600GT 1 GB Dedicated (Silent, no cooler version)


Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits




Problem: rebooting




What have I tried so far:


- Updating each driver piece by piece (fail!)


- Updating the bios with express bios, this was painful as it told me it's updated but it didn't and realized that way after. I had to use a USB flash and it did the trick (making it bootable was pain again).


- MEMTEST okay


- CHDISK okay


- Heating problems verified, I turned both my huge coolers to max and still crashed altough processors were <45degrees and GPU < 35 degrees.


- I updated to 121 bios, after noticing that everybody says this is the solution.


- I have updated to the lastest chipset, anywhere to verify this was succesfully ? or needed to remove the old one before updating new one or something?




Today, it rebooted while I watching a movie, simple reboot. I have no idea why, but I believe there is something with the PCIe slot.




Any advice will buy you a beer if it fixes my computer,


Thank you so much for reading this,



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you could try a few things,



first reset your bios make sure you have the pc disconnected from the electric supply before you do this also remove the battery from motherboard if it has one, if you are not sure how to do this pls look through manual that came with your motherboard

after you have reset the bios and boot pc for first time goto bios settings and set correct time and date,


test each ram 1 stick at a time, best way to do this in your case would be to run your computer as you normaly would to see if problem happens again you can try memtest but alot of ppl say it works fine under memtest but not when computer runs windows so that test seems mute to me?, then try 2 sticks, once you have found two sticks of ram that work fine when paired remove the ram and put in safe place, do the same with the last two sticks testing 1 stick at a time first if the second pair work fine and the problem only happens when 8gig of ram is in stalled then it maybe just that the memory controller voltage needs to be raised.

its quite a funny thing when it comes to up grade'n ya ram...

i will even admit it , its best to buy your ram in kits for example :


if you want 4 gig then buy 4gig kit

if you want 8gig then buy an 8gig kit

and so on


thats not to say buying 2 4gig kits of the same model wont work becouse really they should if a few key factor are the same for example


the ram has same revison numbers, like all ram is rev3.2 /mixing revison means that the IC's could be different and wont work togethere well if at all,

the ram you are buying is of same stock not mixed stock from you the place you bought your ram in otherwords all kits from same batch.

when i have stuck to those rules when buying my ram in 2 kits rather than a single far more expensive kit i have never had an issue with 2 kits not working unless one or more rams is faulty in one of the kits. been doing this for years ever since dual channel ram first came out , the only difference is the way you have the config you dont get support from corsair lol im my own support anyway so big deal.

it dose not effect the warranty of each kit unless say the kits are of different batch and have different voltage like some ddr2 runs at 2.0volt and some at 2.2volt then the 2.0volt kit is being over volted so its beyond rated spec vioding warranty on that ram, after saying that a good company would exchange one of the kits for 2.2 or 2.0 volts so you would at least have a 2 kits that run at same voltage if that was the problem with ddr2, standard settings for ddr3 ram voltage is 1.5volt anything higher is above the jdec spec period. hope that gives you an insight good luck :D


thats my experience with Dual channel ram over the years

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I've manually set the voltages to 1.65V

Would that kill it? Because I had no resets last night, hopefully will never have. hopefully!!


Will 1.65V kill this kit? ( CMX8GX3M4A1333C9 )


Thanks so much, you are the first one to even reply to my problems.


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I'v the same cards and the same MB, but my comp dosent even start, just 3 beeping sound from the MB.



I bought 2x 4gb cards, i'll probably lend em back, i dont want to go through what you did xD


All ill try is to update my BIOS and run em again then ill give up

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Hmm i set to 1066 and it didnt work. Same 3 long beeping sound. But when i put in my other mem's (a-data 2x 2gb) and checking the config it has already set itself to 1333. So i cant really be sure that I've the mems running in 1066.
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