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PSU replacement ETA?!


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I had a similar problem to an earlier post where the computer starts for a second then stops. I was instructed to send my PSU back in for either a repair or replacement. I received a response that my shipment was received but every I check the status it says its "Being processed/ shipped" This was 3 weeks ago and the status doesn't change. Does anyone know an approximate ETA on when they repair/replace PSUs? I need my computer and just need to know whether I should just buy a new one or wait for the old one to come in. The PSU was only about 6 months old on a completely new rig. I'd like to know before spending another 300$.....


Alternatively if there is another form of contact regarding status updates that don't involve going to the technical support tab as it has been unchanged in 20 days



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I am also in the middle of the RMA process for an HX1000. Parts were received by Corsair on 12/29. After not receiving further updates I emailed support and received the following reply:


"We apologize for the delay in shipping your replacements to you. Unfortunately due to a high demand of this part this is currently on backorder.




Your replacement will be shipped out to you shortly once we have it in stock, ETA for shipment will be on 01/18/2010. Once it shipped you will receive an email with the tracking number information."


Never had any problems with any Corsair product (IMO the H50 I've got running is one of the best components in the PC) and this doesn't change my opinion at all. I understand backups in any system especially around the holiday season so I'm not that worried about it. Fingers are crossed though that the replacement PSU will be mailed out this week.

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