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Well I must say what a waste of money,thanks Corsair for a well wasted Product. I am not try to hate or anything but corsair should of made sure that this case was 100% compatible with MB out there.


I like the hot swap option but thats about it,


as far as option go u have non, it's funny how Corsair say that they listen to Enthusiasts i find that kind of hard to believe really,


for me as an Enthusiasts I would of removed that 3 hard drive bays and leave that open for a dual rad, and i would of added the option for a card reader or ECP control panel and Esata as a option as well


Look I am having issues of making my board line up correctly, and on top of that i wanted to connect my card reader to this case and corsair does not even give u the option to do so,


my CM HAF had the option wit an adapter and face plate to match

how is it that Corsair can charge 300% for this crap and yet it does not

work right out of the box, This was a rip off really


I hope Corsair that u can live with your self knowing how u ripped a customer off, LOok at all the complaints there is,


This is a Uber case


Sorry guys

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there are ways to add a rad at the bottom, there is a post. i agree maybee they should of had like removable HDD cage and added an optional intake at the bottom of there to make it alot simpler but for their first case ever made, which is better than alot of cases out there whos companies have alot more experience, i think theyve done pretty damn well.


also they are bringing out more cases in the future so im sure they will learn from here mistakes like everyone does.


i reckon, removable HDD cage for more space for rads and stuff, 2 intakes at the bottom (a total of 3 with the hole by the PSU) an option to add intakes at the front instead of hot swap,


but they cant do everything to suit every person in their first case, most companies have a range of products to suit every type of consumer, so

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As in lining up do you mean the height? As you can fix that with a simple nut attached to the bottom on the standoff, to fix the height.


But i'm not sure what you mean when you say lining up i'm only guessing.


I think the main thing that bothers me is the top 5 1/2 bay locks. As when you lock my drives and fan controller just flops around on the right side.


Yes i know i can add screws but then what purpose would the fast slide locks offer for me.


Would have been also nice for them to provide the additional 3 fans for the top pf the case with a molded plastic shroud or scoop of some sort.


But hey we can't win them all. Perhaps on the next release.

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