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freezing while browsing


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When i browse i tend to freeze whether its on Mozilla or firefox this occured around the time i switched out my mobo on 12-5-09 and i got my new ram 12-9-09 (TR3X6G1600C8D) my mobo was an asus p6t deluxe v2 i cant seem to pin point it and im wondering maybe is it because i am running the ram in xmp mode?? i got my first freeze 12-12-09 and i will get one every few days sometimes 24 hours with in each other or sometimes a week apart or just days. I have done multiple things, things i have done recently was just change the QPI in bios from 1.35 to auto while still running xmp that didn't seem to work now i just put everything back to stock got the ram at 1066. just did it today I was wondering has anyone had a problem like this?



if its hardware its only down to 2 mobo or ram, since those are the only two things ive replaced before this occurred (I have yet to do a clean format since i replaced mobos but i only went from an asus p6t to an asus p6t deluxe v2)

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So what did you do?


Did you leave it at stock settings or manually adjusted voltage, timings and freq?


I have the same issue with freezing but randomly and not only when browsing.


stock settings for now, im going to leave it go for another week just so i can be a 1000 percent sure and then maybe mess around with manually, as of right now i really don't want to deal with it, i am just happy that the freezing is finally gone i have been battling with it for over a month.


are you on windows 7 64 bit?

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