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P256 / Win7 freezes on resume from standby??


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I recently installed in corsair P256 SSD into my dell latitude win7 laptop. Initially, I just made a system image (using win7), swapped the new SSD into it, then restored the image. This worked fine, except that some of the time, the computer freezes on resume from standby (suspend to RAM).


I recently upgraded the firmware on this drive to enable TRIM. I followed the same procedure as above, making an image using win7, running the firmware update, then restoring. According to crystaldisk, TRIM is now enabled on my SSD.


However, the freeze on resume standby problem still exists. There is no blue screen - the system simply freezes. same image on the monitor, just cant use the mouse or keyboard. I have been using this laptop for over a year with the same hardware (minus SSD) with suspend working just fine.


What can I do in order to troubleshoot this problem? Should I have performed a fresh install of win7 instead of restoring a system image?


Thanks for any help. My specs should be included above.

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