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H50 cooler ga-ex58-ud5 rev 1 pump speed on header 1


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Hi Corsair dudes,

I have just built my new rig - the first self build in 10 yrs, and my first water-cooling, with the H50. it was dead easy to install thanx to your video :biggrin:

mobo is ga-ex58-ud5, cpu 17 920, ram corsair xms3 1600

everything posts fine.

i am getting temps in bios of

cpu 30c

sys 34c

mgh 38c

are these ok?

as instructed in the vid i have plugged the H50 fan into the cpu fan header and the H50 pump into the sys fan 1 header.

as instructed i have tried to turn off the sys fan header 1 throttle in bios but cant find it. I dont think the bios allows it. or is there a way of moderating these? if there is i cant find it!

I have not used the power fan header or the the northbridge header - would these be better on this board for the h50 pump?

cpu header is running at 1600rpm and sys fan 1 at 1400.

are these ok?

cheers for your time


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