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TX750W Power Issues?


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Morning all,


My system has been running fine (sort of) since I built it about a month ago. The first issue I'm having, and still persists is that when I try to restart my machine via "Restart" in the windows menu, the system goes through its shutdown routine and starts to reboot. The screens finally go blank as if its about to show POST but just sits there. Eventually after a few seconds the monitors go into standby. The weird thing is that all of the fans are still running and I can see the diag LED on the mobo is on too. Hitting the power button again does nothing. If I hold the power down for a few seconds it will completely shut off. If I immediately power back on the system goes back into the state where the fans and lights are on, but that's it. If I completely power off and wait about a minute, then power on it will boot.


The second issue just started happening when I removed a 500GB drive from my system. I had one additional 500GB drive on top of what is listed in my system specs. Access to all drives, etc. worked perfectly. After removing the one 500GB drive I keep losing access to the 1TB drive. After a fresh boot they are all there. I can browse the drive, run CHKDSK, etc and its fine. If I try to access files on it, or copy files from the 1TB to another drive it copies a bit, then disappears and needs to be rebooted. It literally just started happening when I pulled that one drive out. I don't have RAID or anything set up. As well, I can plug the drive into another PC and it's fine. I'm thinking its either a power thing, or mobo sata controller thing.


Any ideas?



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