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stability issues with TW3X4G1333C9DHX


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I have installed the ram on a MA790FXT-UD5P motherboard (bios rev F7).


Processor Vcore is at 1.39 Volts (processor is specced to run at 1.4V so that seems fine)


System is completely unstable/unuseable at 1333 mhz, and at 1066 mhz windows cannot be installed completely. At 800 mhz the system seems stable - will run prime95 to verify that.


All settings in the bios are left on auto except for the ones mentioned below:


DIMM volt control to 1.7V (actual reading are around 1.712)

Memory clock: X4.00 (800 mhz)



Manual SPD Auto


Cas# Latency 9T 9T 6T

Ras to Cas 9T 9T 6T

Row Precharge time 9T 9T 6T

Minimum Ras Active Time 9T 9T 15T

TwTr command delay 5T 5T 4T

Trfc0 90 90 90

Trfc2 90 90 90

Write recovery time 10T 10T 6T

Precharge Time 5T 5T 4T

Row Cycle Time 33T 33T 20T

Ras to Ras Delay 4T 4T 4T


Need some help

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I made a mistake which I have now corrected:


I have set all ram timings to auto now and the system is working. But of course this is still at 800 mhz only. I also mistakenly put the ram in slot 0 and 2 which puts the ram in single channel, I have now switched the ram to slot 0 and 1 so it is running in dual channel.


The curent RAM settings correspond to the last column in the previous message under "auto".

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