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Please Help with CM2X2048-8500C5D and 780I Sli


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To whom it concerns,


I am trying to overclock my system posts fine but Vista locks up (freezes on desktop) upon initial loading after i enter my password whenever I put my ram settings on anything but auto. I am afraid to raise the memory voltage, would that maybe help? Keep in mind that I am trying to overclock my setup with known working configurations. (My voltage/overclock setting are at bottom of post)


(1.8v, 800mhz, 5, 5, 5, 18 Works)


(2.1v 5,5,5,15 Locks Up)


I have memtest86'd both sticks several passes with no errors (one at a time and both at the same time)


I am looking for some help to get my ram to run at full speeds. Below are my complete ram settings in bios. Could someone please tell me what to put the Advanced Memory Options to? I would love to know the exact advanced memory settings for this ram/mobo.


My Ram:

CM2X2048-8500C5D 1066mhz 2.1V Version 1.1 (2 dimms=4GB)



Bios Ram Defaults (These work at 800mhz but not at 1066mhz)


tCL (Cas Latency) 5

tRCD 5

tRP 5

tRAS 15


Commands Per Clock 2T



Advanced Memory Settings (All Auto)

tRRD (Auto 4) 4

tRC (Auto 30) 30

tWR (Auto 6) 6

tWTR (Auto 10) 10

tRED (Auto) 7.8uS



My BIOS Overclocking settings to get my Q9550 to 3.4GHZ. Many others report these settings to be stable on their Q9550/780i SLI setups!


CPU Core 1.375 Volts


CPU FSB 1.3 Volts


Memory 2.1 Volts


nfSPP 1.45 Volts


nfMCP 1.6 Volts


HT nf SPP<->MCP 1.4 Volts


Ram I set to Linked 3:2, with FSB 1600mhz, ram 1066mhz, 8.5 Multiplier=3.6GHZ (Posts fine, but windows locks up loading)


Any help/ideas to get this working would be greatly appreciated, including specific/manual settings for my advanced Memory Settings!? Thanks!

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