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New motherboard not lining up with 800D correctly


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Hey guys.

Got my new motherboard today and installed it into my case (800d).

After everything was screwed in I realised it wasn't aligned properly so I took the motherboard out and checked the 9 standoffs, they were all looked ok so I put the motherboard back in and same thing happened, this is the first time this has happened to me and I've built quite a few PC's.

I also did remove the extra standoff included with the case.

It's almost like the top of the motherboard needs to come forward and the bottom needs to be closer to the motherboard tray.

Have a look at the pics and see if you can help me.

You can also see the graphics card it sitting too high as well.






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I had the same problem. Almost nothing lined up properly when I mounted the motherboard with Corsair's pre-attached standoffs. I almost couldn't believe I had to face these problems on such a premium case.


To fix the problem with the connectors not lining up with the I/O shield (your first pic), I had to make custom length standoffs. I had standoffs that were twice as long, which I filed down a bit. This raised the motherboard a few mm's higher than the pre-attached standoffs, and my connectors now match up perfectly with the I/O shield. More importantly, this also fixed my problem with my addon cards not being properly seated in their motherboard slots! Before I got the motherboard raised that extra bit, addon cards would angle down towards the back, and the line of connectors on the addon cards would not be plane with motherboard. The connectors towards the front would barely be seated.


As for the graphics card connectors not sitting in the middle of the slots, I sort of fixed too by pushing the motherboard as far south as possible while screwing it down.

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