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Need to RMA TR3XG2000C8GTF RAM - but part # doesn't exist


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I believe my Corsair Dominator GT RAM, part # "TR3XG2000C8GTF G" has become defective. I ran MemTest v4.00 twice now, and when it gets to Test #4, Pass # 14 the system reboots itself. I ran MemTest at stock settings.


I attempted to start the online RMA process, but the TR3XG2000C8GTF part number is no longer available from the drop-down menu. It was there before, as I RMA'd this RAM about 6 months ago and had no issues with the online RMA process.


Can anyone assist me with how I can go about this RMA? Thanks in advance.


EDIT: The part # TR3XG2000C7GTF *is* in the drop-down, *but not* TR3XG2000C8GTF.

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