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After 12 months, still need help - Asus P6T Deluxe & TR3X6G1333C9


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Hello, I still have not been able to use all my RAM in my Asus P6T Deluxe (v1) i7 920 system. Can someone post specs for this mobo and RAM configuration? Please read on for details.


Issue: System perfectly stable with ANY combination of 2 sticks of RAM. As soon as I add the 3rd, BSOD's all the time.


History: Purchased components over a year ago and after 3 months of trying to get my system to run on all 6GB, I gave up. Been running on 4GB so I can have a stable system since last February.


Had updated bios, and ran Memtest. Everything tested good. Tweaked bios voltages and speeds. Nothing helped. RMA'd the Mobo, RAM, and proc, and got a bigger power supply. Even took the precaustions of insulating the mobo from the case. SAME PROBLEMS with almost all new equipment. Same results, RAM tested good, tweaked and flashed bios, any 2 sticks work great, add #3 and it crashes.


So, here I am, tired of staring at this lonely stick of RAM on my desk for almost a year now and thought I'd give it another shot. But before wasting countless hours on it again, I was hoping to find more light at the end of the tunnel. Can SOMEONE please give me a complete list of working specs specific to the p6t?


Thanks to anyone who can help me feel like a whole man (instead of the 2/3 I am now;):).

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hi! exact same problems, exact same kit. RMA'd memory, waiting to get it back at the moment. Afraid no answer for you, just adding voice that this seems to be a really common problem.


PS I've also got 3 sticks of 1gb DDR3 and it works 100% fine & stable. its only the 6gb kit that has problems. When get a new set from RMA will update, let you know if it fixed it. seeing as you've tried that already, sinking feeling it might not work now...

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