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Win7 give X-256 in Raid0 bad resault

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Thank you for your fast reply Mr Ram Guy.


Well actually I have tested it in ATTO and I got the result I should have but it was very annoying watshing my score in Win 7 decreas after buying a second SSD.


Annyway today I read in the forum that it was a good idea enable ACPI 2,0 in Bios and I run a new test and my score is now 7,4 for my SSD.

I didnt enable it before because I felt it was a step backward, novice that I am thought the standard was ACPI 2,3 and it follow PSU standard.


I dont feel any powerboost after getting higher score in win 7 so I think you are right, Win 7 is not a performance mark.


Thanks once more :biggrin:



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