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Wondering if Corsair can help re: H50 1156 bracket

Passion Fruit

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Hi, i'm in the UK and i own the H50 (the model without a 1156 bracket)


I've recently upgraded to i5 and i'm in need of the bracket.


Unfortunately, the Corsair store only accepts Visa or Mastercard and i have neither of those (only a maestro) thus im unable to order the part.


I've read the forums a couple of times while i was researching the product and the support is fantastic, so i thought i might be able to receive some help with my problem.


If Corsair could work out an alternative form of payment for the shipping of the bracket i'd be most appreciative



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Hey how ya doing!

So your H50 didnt include that backplate then? Ive got one my kit is fairly new. Is it because the UK kits don't include them or is your H50 an older ver?

Im strickly an AMD man so Ill never use the bracket if you want it I could ship it to you as a gift since thats what it would be if you can't get one stat from Corsair directly.

All id ask is you pay the shipping. The bracket is plastic so it would have to ship in a small box or else it would get crushed. Let me know what you decide, Id be happy to help. I could find out what it would cost if you send me your address via the 3D site in a personal PM. Id need a day to take it down & get it weighed, the bracket is almost weighless so it couldnt be too bad but id see what Corsair could do first. I do have small boxes tho either way.

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Yeah i have the older model im afraid, not the H50-1.


I've emailed Corsair tonight to ask if theres any different way i can pay for the bracket, as they don't accept maestro, only Visa and Mastercard. Hopefully they'll be able to help me out. I'm surprised a Corsair rep hasn't replied, from what i've seen their support is usually top notch!


Thats a very kind offer heliman and one i'll definately take under consideration! As you say though, i'll see if theres anything Corsair can do.


I've also been looking on other forums too to see if any UK members have a spare 1156 bracket, but so far i havent had any luck!



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