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Instability w/ 2 kits of TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX and Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6


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Hello everyone.


I am out of ideas how to further narrow this problem down and I really need my PC for work and studies, so every help or idea is _really_ appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.


The problem is as follows: From time to time, I run into memory corruption problems, meaning programs segfaulting and similar. A subsequent run w/ memtest86+ (4.0) reliably confirms that some address is faulty. As long as I only do soft or hard resets, the corruption will go on and can reliably be confirmed w/ the memory tester. Unfortunately once I power the system off, everything is back to square one. I say unfortunately because I can no longer reliably confirm any faulty memory. It can take just minutes/hours or as long as a few weeks for this to happen again. There is no obvious pattern how to force this to appear. I tried the following so far:


  • Tested the memory modules one pair at a time for 24 hours in both different bank combinations
  • Increased the north bridge voltage by 0.1V
  • Tested with all modules installed in different slots


No matter what I did, I was unable to _force_ this problem. Increasing the north bridge voltage did also not solve it. So far I have only been able to see this problem when both pairs were installed but not with one pair alone. This naturally could be sheer coincidence. The last time I saw this problem was early December and it has only started to appear again yesterday.


The case is well ventilated and the temps are all in the green. The system is not and has never been overclocked- even the standard automatic overclocking options are turned off in the bios. The modules are just 5 month old and I tried to return them yesterday but my local shop refused to do so since I was unable to exactly point out which modules were failing. I live in Germany by the way, so there is no real life time warranty.


Like said initially, I would appreciate any help. Thanks a lot in advance!


So long,


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