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Can't run @1066Mhz on a P5B deluxe


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Hello everyone! I tried to find a post on the forum to solve this problem i'm having but i couldn't!

Today i bought Twin2x4096-8500c5c memory, i had no troubles installing it, but, after changing the bios settings my computer couldn't boot!

I first tried to boot it using dram frequency@1100(because my fsb is @333), memory voltage@ 2.1 and timings@ 5-6-6-18 but the pc didn't boot at all!after restarting it said "overclock failed" and forced me to change settings.

I can boot the system using the frequency of 833mhz, but i wanted to know, did i do any mistake?What should i do to run it at least @1000 mhz?

Thanks to anyone who will reply me!

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